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PC Tune-up


Have you been neglecting your PC?

Don't worry. Handy To Know will have your system firing on all cylinders again.


Keep your Windows-based PC in good repair. (You should too; see "Health Check" buy both at the same time save £10) Like homes or cars, computers need to be checked over, cleaned out, and tuned up once or twice a year.

So do your PC a favour. Call HandyToKnow for a computer service. Your system will be faster, less prone to crashes, and better behaved.


Remove Unused Programs


Programs you don't use anymore are like guests who have overstayed their welcome: You're much happier after you get rid of them. Not only will removing unused software free up space, but it could make Windows faster and more reliable.

But like guests, you can't just throw the programs out; you have to remove them carefully..


Slim Down Your Boot


Programs that load whenever you turn on your computer can clog your PC. Take a look at your system tray (that box in the lower-right corner of your screen with the clock and all the little icons) to see some of the programs that are loading when you boot up. If it stretches too far toward the start button, your PC probably leaves you time for a coffee break between switching on the power and getting to work. Worst of all, too many running programs can make your computer slow and unstable.


Free Up Some Disk Space


Hard drives, like attics, accumulate junk. You've got temporary folders, backup files, the Recycling Bin, and who knows what else. I’ll get rid of these files.